This system enables tour agencies to easily configure wholesale discounts for different tour packages, offering the flexibility to set discounts as either a percentage or a fixed amount based on the preferences of their wholesale customers.

With this Wholesale Tour Selling System, tour agencies can efficiently manage both inbound and outbound tours while catering to the needs of their wholesale clients. The system empowers them to provide a wide range of package tours and customize pricing and discounts for their wholesale partners.

The system's flexibility allows tour agencies to set wholesale discounts tailored to each tour package, either as a percentage of the regular price or a fixed value. This capability ensures that tour agencies can offer competitive pricing to their wholesale partners, ultimately fostering stronger business relationships.

With streamlined wholesale tour sales management, tour agencies can efficiently process orders and reservations from their wholesale customers. Detailed reporting and analytics also empower agencies to track wholesale sales performance, making informed business decisions to further enhance their operations.

The Wholesale Tour Selling System helps tour agencies establish professionalism in managing wholesale tour sales, attract more wholesale partners, and significantly increase their revenue through bulk tour sales. This comprehensive system ensures a seamless and efficient wholesale tour selling experience, benefiting both tour agencies and their wholesale clients. It contributes to a successful and thriving wholesale tour business, meeting the needs and demands of the tourism industry.