Choose Template

You can choose a beautiful Template Email from the system or you can choose to customize on your own as per your needs.

Easy to customize

Seamlessly unlock the power of email marketing

By creating an advertising email campaign, it corresponds to each user group from the order history database.

SALESONE email marketing management tools are simple to use. You can start to deal with simple marketing by yourself and do it on a regular basis to communicate with customers for brand recognition.

Responsive Design

Access to customers no matter where they are. It can send news, promotions, notifications. It also supports the usage of mobile phones or desktops.

Integrated Analytics

Measure, analyze, and refine with native email
marketing analytics.
  • Real-time

    See how your campaign is performing while it’s still live.

  • The whole picture

    Analyze the metrics that matter most, from open-rates to clicks
    and conversions.

  • Learn

    Email analytics work in tandem with your website’s analytics,
    making it easy to see organic vs. marketing traffic.

With advanced
marketing tools

Automatically connect your email marketing to other sales channels to strengthen your marketing strategy.

Email Campaigns
Pricing Plans

Whether you’re marketing to a few or a
few thousand, there’s a SALESONE
Email Campaigns plan to fit your needs.





per month
Save 28%
per month
Save 28%
per month
Save 28%
per month
Save 28%
Campaigns per month 3 5 20 Unlimited
Emails per month 500 5,000 50,000 250,000
Unlimited Subscribers
Email Automation
Integrated Marketing Analytics
Mailing Lists
Sender Profiles

Customer Support

Think of SALESONE as your very own IT department. Alongside unlimited hosting and enterprise-grade infrastructure, We offer dedicated 24/7 support.

SALESONE is the all‑in‑one platform to build a beautiful website.