One dashboard

A company that sells multiple brands and wants to separate multiple websites, or want to create a web sorted by country to sell around the world. It can efficiently manage your website using a single dashboard, same database of products and customers.

You can register domains separated by website

Open a new website page, register the desired domain name and purchase through the system by yourself with an expiration date notification system.

Centralize your Ecommerce catalog management

Manage product information and news information for multiple websites by assigning item lists or information to each site freely.

Setting the price for each store

Take advantage of different pricing to maximize your profits. Use the same store price and product listing replacement function at different prices depending on the location or the offers available in each store.

Select to sell at certain countries

Expand sales opportunities worldwide, so you can open your website in each country and be able to retrieve the list of products that are ready to start selling in foreign countries which will not be difficult.

Set a discount at each store

Can set a promotion at each store

Set the coupon and discount at each store

Generate unlimited variety of coupon codes for each store using the Coupon Code Generator. Generate flash sales with a limited time coupon code at each store for higher sales during the slack period.

B2C B2B and B2B2C

Gradually lead your business to the global market by building a network of B2C, B2B and B2B2C in the country and abroad through SALESONE system.

Multiple currencies and languages

Set a special language and currency for each store based on the preferences of the audience. For example, you can have two different physical stores for Thailand and the United States with THB and USD as their default currencies respectively.

Different payment gateways

Customers can choose the payment method that SALESONE has connected to the service for faster process. It also supports various payment connections of each store that customers can access through the OPEN API.

Each store’s shipping rates

Can choose the delivery channel that SALESONE has connected the service for faster process and support for various delivery of each customer store.

Store customization

Create uniqueness and feelings of each Ecommerce store with the extraordinary designs.

Sales agents around the world

Expand sales opportunities globally, so you can open a website to agents in each country and export product listings, centrally manage sales, or simply split management.