Do not end the relationship with customer at the store

You can use the system to store data online or offline of your customers' orders and connect them to the relationship. For instance, customers see a promotion from the web, so they come to try the product at the physical store and order through POS. The system will have to earn points for them. Later, the same customers order products on the Ecommerce website, they can earn points with other purchase channels and redeem points from the system.

Segment customers based on their purchase history, profile qualities or custom events that represent customer behavior. Use static or dynamic segmentation in targeting your loyalty campaigns.

Use omnichannel tracking. Use data from any kind of transaction — eCommerce and retail stores. Merge purchase operations from one or multiple merchants or brands.

Exchange points

Rules and regulations of earning points

It is the system that buying at certain amounts will receive certain points. For example, every 1 baht will earn a point and you can use points to redeem or exchange to buy products according to the set list. In particular, you can also earn points with any form of selling products, selling services, or even setting the expiration period of your loyalty points.

Levels and groups

Create levels of customers’ privileges

Can set benefits of each group by linking the order amount of a customer from any channel to grant access to the certain level of group. For instance, VIP has the condition of a minimum spending of 1 million/ year and VIP group is entitled to receive 5% on-top discount. VVIP has the condition of a minimum spending of 2 million/ year and VIP group is entitled to receive 10% on-top discount. Both VIP and VVIP can pre-purchase the product category of the new collection before anyone else.

Exchange rewards

Create incentives for your valued customers to return for more purchases

Set a list of rewards that can be exchanged or redeemed, along with collecting individual customer preferences for future analysis of marketing and promotions.


Use the power of data to connect omnichannel to nurture your customer base

Allows you to design your Loyalty Program easily to actually generate sales. Seamlessly connect to all SALESONE sales channels such as Ecommerce, Mobile APP, POS, B2B Portal.