The Tour Booking System supports both types of reservation formats, daily routine bookings and specific date bookings, along with the flexibility to set time intervals and pricing based on different packages, age groups, and options. This system is ideal for businesses like Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and tourist attractions.

With the Tour Booking System, customers can easily make reservations for tours and activities using either the routine booking option, which allows them to book on any available day, or the specific date booking option, where they can select a particular date for their tour.

The system also enables tour operators to set different time intervals for each tour, ensuring efficient management of tour schedules and preventing overbooking. Additionally, tour operators can customize pricing based on various factors, such as different tour packages, age groups, and optional add-ons, providing customers with a personalized booking experience.

The Tour Booking System is highly suitable for Online Travel Agencies (OTA) that offer various tour packages and attractions. It allows them to efficiently manage bookings for multiple tours and attractions, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Similarly, tourist attractions can utilize this system to streamline their ticketing and reservation processes, enabling visitors to book specific time slots for attractions, shows, or activities, thereby enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Overall, the Tour Booking System is a versatile and robust solution, catering to the needs of travel agencies, tourist attractions, and businesses in the tourism industry. Its flexibility and customization options make it an ideal choice for handling diverse booking requirements and ensuring seamless operations.