The perfect discount system for your wholesale business is one that allows you to set up a tiered discount structure based on the quantity of orders. For example, customers who purchase 1-20 pieces will enjoy a unit price of 10 baht per item, while those buying 21-50 pieces will receive a discounted rate of 8 baht per item. Additionally, if a customer purchases 51 pieces or more, they will benefit from an even lower price of 6 baht per item. This means that the more they buy, the more they save!

Implementing a tiered discount system is an effective and efficient way to drive sales in your wholesale business. It not only encourages customers to buy more in order to take advantage of the lower prices but also incentivizes repeat purchases. This type of discount structure not only benefits your customers by offering them better deals as they buy in larger quantities but also benefits your business by increasing sales and revenue.

With SalesOne's user-friendly discount system, you can easily set up and manage your tiered discounts, making it a breeze to create pricing strategies that align with your business goals. This feature provides you with the flexibility to tailor discounts based on the volume of orders, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Experience the power of a tiered discount system for your wholesale business with SalesOne.