Allows for order confirmation and seat checking through the system, ensuring quick verification and prompt customer confirmation. Additionally, it streamlines customer follow-up and enhances the efficiency of tourism business operations.

With the Sales Team Management System, tour agencies can efficiently manage their sales team, ensuring smooth communication and coordination. The system provides a user-friendly interface for creating purchase orders, enabling sales agents to place orders on behalf of customers easily.

The system's offline ordering feature allows customers to place orders through phone calls or chat, providing flexibility and convenience for those who may not prefer online channels. Sales agents can swiftly process these orders, and the system enables them to check seat availability in real-time, avoiding overbooking and ensuring accurate information.

Furthermore, the system offers streamlined customer follow-up, enabling sales agents to quickly confirm orders and promptly inform customers. This efficient process enhances customer satisfaction and builds trust with clients, contributing to positive customer experiences.

Overall, the Sales Team Management System for Tour Agencies significantly improves the efficiency of tourism business operations. It empowers tour agencies to manage their sales teams effectively, handle offline orders seamlessly, and ensure a smooth customer booking experience. This system is a valuable tool for enhancing the overall performance and productivity of tour businesses, helping them thrive in the competitive travel industry.