When customers begin typing their search terms, the SEARCH SUGGESTION addon instantly displays relevant product suggestions that match the entered letters. This feature not only speeds up the search process but also assists customers in finding the products they are looking for more efficiently.

The suggested products are displayed in a list format, complete with attractive product images, which helps customers visually identify the items they might be interested in. This feature encourages customers to explore more products and potentially discover items they may not have considered initially.

By streamlining the search process and presenting visually appealing product recommendations, the E-commerce Addon SEARCH SUGGESTION enhances customer satisfaction and engagement on the website. Customers can quickly find what they are looking for, leading to increased conversion rates and improved user retention.

In conclusion, the SEARCH SUGGESTION addon is a valuable addition to any E-commerce website. It simplifies the search process, provides relevant product suggestions, and boosts customer engagement, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience.