Built-in SEO

With SalesOne CMS's "Google Sitemap.xml" feature, you can easily create a sitemap that helps search engines, especially Google, understand the structure of your website. This ensures your website is regularly updated and efficiently crawled by search engines.

The "Redirect 301" capability allows you to manage URL redirections seamlessly. By automatically redirecting from old URLs to new ones, your website maintains a tidy and trustworthy presence in search engine results.

Leveraging "Meta Tags" is crucial in fine-tuning your webpage content to align with users' search queries. This significantly improves the relevance of your website to users' searches, boosting your website's ranking in search results.

Additionally, the "URL Friendly" feature ensures your website's URLs are easily comprehensible and search engine-friendly. With user-friendly URLs, both users and search engines can access your content effortlessly and swiftly.

By harnessing the power of SalesOne CMS's SEO support, you can enhance your website's ranking and improve its visibility in search results.