Stores Location

Salesone's website solution offers a branch locator feature that supports inputting contact information and Google Maps coordinates for each branch. This allows for easy search and location of different branches based on various criteria such as region, country, or store type, providing seamless navigation for your organization's website.

With the convenience and accuracy of Salesone's integrated Google Maps feature, you can effortlessly display the locations of all your organization's branches to customers. Whether they are looking to find branches in specific regions or countries of interest or searching for particular types of stores, the branch locator makes it simple for customers to access the information they need.

The branch locator feature of Salesone empowers your customers to access information about your various branches effortlessly. This enhances your website's functionality, providing a user-friendly experience and helping your customers find the most convenient locations for their needs. With Salesone's branch locator, your organization's website becomes more complete and user-friendly, delivering excellent service to your customers.