Andy Warhol: Pop Art

Peer into more than 100 original works and pieces of memorabilia with us. Enjoy this Pop Art icon’s heydays when The Factory and Studio 54 were alive! Andy Warhol, an American artist, was a leading figure of Pop art movement of the 1960s. His work can be seen in various art forms including performing art, filmmaking, video installation and writing. Warhol was an artist who blurred the lines between fine art and mainstream culture. There will be four categories in this showcase: Self – Portraits; Celebrity Portraits; Magazine and Album Covers; and, Silk Printing and Others. The works exhibited at River City Bangkok will feature one of the most famous works of Warhol such as Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali (1978), Marilyn (1981), The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967), Brillo Box (1970), Dollar (1981-1982), Flowers (1964), Campbell’s Soup Can (1967), and Cow (1971). Discover this most promising exhibition of the year at RCB Galleria (2nd floor) from today - 24 November, 2020. By courtesy of The U.S. Embassy, international experts will conduct insightful lectures. Attending lectures is free admission when purchasing exhibition tickets.

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